Innovative B2B commerce solution

Businesses with manual or complex supply chain commerce find it difficult to digitize and modernize their current processes

Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors that don't embrace enabling technologies to address the D2C/B movement and supply chain challenges will be left behind. ~Gartner Research

Our Solution

commerce2B enables companies to launch, pivot and scale their B2B, D2C/B, B2B2C or hybrid business models from 1 single platform
  • E-commerce as-a Solution

    Designed for flexibility and speed, our whitelabel platform enables enterprises to quickly launch any diverse business model, and supporting omni-channel execution

  • Built-in B2B functionality

    Essential inbuilt features, inherent flexibility, and agility make it possible for brands to streamline their ecommerce journey and build personalized and conversion-oriented buyer journeys for any B2B or B2B2C scenario.

No such thing as a one-size-fits-all website or platform for B2B


The right platform needs to support B2B processes and productivity


Existing workflows adapt, digitize and streamline current workflows


Seamlessly for users adapting current user behaviors for the company and it's customer

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Lending / Financing

coming 2024

Contracts Management

coming 2024

AR/AP automation

coming 2024

Product and Service update

coming 2024

Why Choose commerce2B?

Billing & Payments

Coupled with our B2B wallet, our solution provides integrated payments important for your business

B2B Workflows

Supports existing company procurement workflows to ensure seamless digital adoption and transition


Enterprise-grade product information management system to support complex catalogue setup and maintenance

Order Management

Sophisticated and streamlined order taking and processing embedded into the platform

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